How you can be at your best PRODUCTIVITY at work with MiA?

Our working styles and conditions have unquestionably changed over the last year with the Covid outbreak. Most of the global workforce is now working remotely. As we all know this new norm or work is being embraced and accepted by the majority and we keep adapting ourselves to stay productive at work despite where we work from.

MiA workplace virtual assistant also looks at keeping employees’ productivity consistent. As you know, MiA for Microsoft Teams is enabling all employees to manage their routine HR needs including check-in/out to work, requesting leave, and other HR service requests.

More importantly, MiA supports employees to understand how productive they are at work by enabling them to record daily work activities. The integration between MiA and Outlook calendar captures all your meetings, and you can update the remaining tasks on MiA prior to checking-out.

These work activities convert into productivity analytics, enabling you to understand how much effort has been invested in meetings, documentation learning and other activities. Are you a person who spends less time learning new trends and disciplines in your domain? Or do you get engrossed in meetings beyond the scheduled time? MiA productivity analytics will help you analyse your time consumption in all these activities and help you strike a balance between these routines!

In addition to the analytics presented to individual employees, MiA presents productivity dashboards to the business leaders/ HR/ team leaders as well. These insights will indicate the most productive employees of a specific day, the overall organisation productivity and the department productivity as well. Team leaders can now analyse how their teams spend time across each work activity type and even take necessary steps to increase productivity.

Teams spending more time in meetings, and less time on executing their strategies may analyse this finding from MiA’s productivity insights and take necessary actions to shorten their meetings and put more effort into important errands.

All in all the extensive and real-time dashboards and insights furnished by MiA is a true motivator for every employee and the entire organisation to spot cracks in workforce productivity. Are you looking for ways to optimise time and resource utilisation across your team/workplace? Why not try MiA for 30 days absolutely FREE!

Stay tuned to discover how else MiA supports your workforce and do sign up for a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL today!

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