What it is like to have a
Digital Assistant at work?

A typical day at work means a series of meetings, discussions, heaps of documentation, and you might end up forgetting few tasks during this busy schedule. Our general work routine has further altered with the current remote working model as we tend to work extended hours, take breaks, do our routine fitness activity while engaging in our work.

While it’s exciting to engage in the new work norm, many apps are now open to the global workforce to ease their work schedule and streamline further to help employees achieve a productive day at work. Applications including Microsoft Teams have certainly helped organise meetings and communications in a structured style than ever before. Gone are the days you need to maintain journals and to-do lists to memorise the day’s work schedule. Instead, we now have workplace virtual assistants that support employees manage their routine tasks and stay productive at work!

Yes, we are referring to MiA workplace virtual assistant for Microsoft Teams. MiA is the latest virtual assistant for any employee with Microsoft Teams which helps them not only achieve productivity but even accomplish a series of mundane HR needs. This means that your workforce can simply add MiA on Microsoft Teams to check-in/out to work, raise a leave request, and contact HR for any service requests.

MiA is a lot more than achieving these HR needs. MiA is integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Planner which results in every MiA user receiving a reminder in the morning including the day’s meetings and tasks. Consequently, no one will forget their schedule and helps them to organise work and be prepared for every meeting/activity of the day.

Employees do not have to check-in to work with another application and record their in-time and out-time, because MiA propels them to check-in and even check-out from work while getting them to record all activities of the day. These activity records will ultimately translate into productivity analytics, indicating the highest productive employees/teams/departments in the workplace.

All in all, MiA helps you kickstart your workday with support to organise your entire day at work and concludes the day by analysing your overall productivity. There is much more in MiA for both employees and team leaders and stay tuned with our blog to discover more capabilities and benefits of investing in MiA.

MiA offers a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL to all workplaces. All you need is Microsoft License to leverage this latest workplace virtual assistant.

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