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A summarised view of your meetings

MiA gives you a quick preview of all activities/meetings scheduled for the day. MiA will glean your meetings from the Outlook calendar to give you a heads-up.

A summarised view of your tasks

Begin your day at work with a quick preview given by MiA indicating all overdue tasks, tasks planned for the week ahead and completed tasks captured from Microsoft Planner.

Helps you with check-in/ check out

You can now use MiA to clock your time as your work day begins and ends.

Your productivity and fitness activity

MiA indicates your productivity against the company productivity and a recap of your fitness activity during the previous workday.

Assists with your routine HR requests and
HR related approvals

Check leave balance

MiA helps you to do a quick check on how
many requestable leave days you have left
for the year.

Apply leave

Get your workforce to use MiA to easily submit their leave requests from anywhere, anytime while keeping count on their leave balance.

View payslip

You can view your monthly payslips through MiA.

Request time change

Get your employees to correct their Check-in and out times by submitting a Time Change Request through MiA.

HR related approvals

MiA helps you to approve your team’s leave requests and other HR related requests.

Reserve an Office Space

MiA helps your remote workforce to reserve a meeting room/work station in the workplace to have onsite meetings/discussions.

All important notifications & notices

MiA reminds you the important events

Receive reminders on your team members’ birthdays and work anniversaries at the beginning of the week so you will not forget to wish them!

Wish your peers on birthdays/work anniversaries

Convey your greetings and wishes through MiA.

Send important notices/alerts to your employees

You can share important news/notices about the company and events now on MiA.

There's so much more to simplify
your workday

Record Work Activity and Fitness Activity

Record your regular work activity and physical activity that ultimately translates to powerful insights showing your well-being state and productivity at work.

Analytics and

MiA presents a host of dashboards and analytics on workforce productivity, leave utilisation, and attendance.

Integration with
Office 365 Apps

MiA is designed for Microsoft Teams users while being integrated to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Planner enabling employees to organise their workday.

Integration to
HR Systems

You can integrate MiA to your HR system via MiA API. You can fetch Check-In/Out data, leave data, HR service / help desk requests. The integrations to your HR system will be supported with custom integration solutions.

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